GFA Newsletter

GFA Newsletter · 22. November 2018
The world has witnessed considerable improvements in the access to clean water and sustainable sanitation over the past decades. This was part of the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2015. However, it has become evident that the global community needs to go the extra mile to end poverty for even more people, enabling them to live a dignified and healthy life including clean drinking water and sustainable sanitation.
GFA Newsletter · 19. September 2018
Fiscal accountability and transparent procurement are vital pillars of development funds channeled through public or private institutions to final beneficiaries. For more than a decade, GFA has played a dual role in financial fund management as well as in the procurement process in over 30 countries worldwide. The Global Fund has become one of its most important clients. Building on the experiences gained, GFA organized a conference in Hamburg in June 2018.
GFA Newsletter · 28. June 2018
Inclusive and quality education as well as the promotion of employment and decent work for all are two of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Sustainable, high-quality vocational training is necessary to promote employment opportunities and life-long-learning. GFA’s TVET projects aim at improving education systems in partner countries worldwide and creating sustainable job prospects for graduates.
GFA Newsletter · 11. March 2018
In the past two centuries, more and more machines have been introduced in the production of goods and have replaced manual labor. This industrial revolution first took place in Europe and North America while other parts of the world did not catch up until much later. Economic growth in Asia has really taken off since the struggle for more entrepreneurial freedom took ground, e.g. due to market liberalization in Viet Nam or China, or reforms in the Tiger Cub Economies of Thailand or Indonesia.